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Audience Reviews

I was stunned by this musical. The heart of its subject was brilliantly and empathetically captured. If ever there was a play that MUST emerge from the shadows, this is it. (Move over, Hamilton!) The dialogue is engaging and the music alternately arresting, moving, exhilarating, invigorating. Hello Sky is art at its finest. This musical evokes something powerful in its audience—something it doesn't allow to be left dormant. It awakened something powerful in me.  

   —Bonnie West, Lancaster, PA

This musical is a powerful and tasteful telling of Georgia O’Keeffe’s very personal and very public journey.  The way the writers brought things to life is a beautiful parallel to how O’Keeffe brought things to life through her paintings.  The story is beautifully and intelligently told, the music is gorgeous and heartfelt, the theatrics immensely colorful, all of which leaves me wanting to see this show again.  The cow skull theme was so clever and so incredibly well done and deeply touching. There are too many touching moments in this show to highlight in a short review.  The show-stopping song “The Chestnut Tree” moved me to tears and is easily a stand-alone song.  Additionally, the performance and casting in the production I saw were wonderful.  Kudos all around!  More, more!!!                        

   —Linda Metz, Cullowhee, NC

I learned so much about Georgia O’Keeffe when I was fortunate enough to be a part of this musical. She was an incredible artist, but also plowed her way into the art world during a time when women were not accepted. I personally loved singing the music. It was challenging, and yet hummable at the same time. It’s hard to decide what reigns in this production: the story, the music, the dance, or the art. All of it is intrinsically woven together to make it a complete and masterful production. This musical should be continued on not just for its incredible beauty, but for its importance in sharing the history of this amazing artist and person, Georgia O’Keeffe.

   —Jennifer Lobo  (Anita Pollitzer in original production)

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